How I got into Calligraphy.

Hello! I guess the logical place to start the blog would be telling you about my Calligraphy 'journey'.

Before I got into calligraphy I'd never dreamed of pursuing anything creative as I'm not naturally talented at arts and crafts (I can't draw to save my life!).

However when my Husband and I were planning our wedding we decided to D.I.Y as much as possible to save on cost and add a personal touch. I spent a lot of time crafting to make invitations, name cards etc throughout wedding planning and unexpectedly I loved every minute of it.

After the wedding I missed crafting and being creative. I wanted to take up a crafting hobby and thought of calligraphy, as I've always loved stationery and pens. I signed up the 'I Still Love Calligraphy' (now known as I Still Love You) online course. I found it difficult but that didn't matter as I fell in love with calligraphy instantly.

From there I practiced, practiced, practiced and continue to do so. I've experimented with different nibs, holders, ink and paper to find which work best for me. I studied further using 'The Calligraphers Recipe Book' and Eleanor Winters 'Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy' and take inspiration from fellow calligraphers on instagram and from blogs like The Postmans Knock to get to this point. And I've still got plenty more to learn and develop. That's the beauty of calligraphy you never stop learning and there are so many styles,variations and techniques that it never gets boring.


Sarah x

#calligraphy #copperplate #beginners #stationery #crafts #learningcalligraphy

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